About Gatâ

Established in 2017 at Voodoo Lounge NOLA during Decadence! Thanks to our mentor, Marie, for giving us our start!

Manila & New Orleans

Chef Roni is a native to Manila, immigrating to the United States in 2009.

Erin, as a native to New Orleans, met Roni in community college in 2011.

We' haven't left each others side since! From nurse to chef and marketer to gardener, Roni and Erin grew their business together from a shared passion for food.

With roots deeply set in both of their home cities, this unique blend makes the delicious experience we provide our customers through Gatâ: Casual Filipino Fare.

Continue to hustle through 2022 with an intermission in 2020 for you know what!

TakEOUT with Lisa Ling

Through the magic of social media hashtags, we were found by talent scouts via #filipinobreweries and shared our stories with the world on the Takeout Special

Kamayan Dream

After dreaming of this Kamayan spread prior to the pandemic, we reached a career height creating it for the HBOMax special! With our sketchpad, cooking skill, and the community of Asians surrounding us, dreams came true (and we fed Lisa Ling!!!)